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discussionon.it provides a powerful realtime tool to have discussion on specific parts of a web page. Use this tool if you want to enable inline comments and the comments are expected to be short. You can enable discussion on any div, paragraph or span element on your web page with a simple change.
"My visitors just love this tool. They use it all the time!"
Dennis Covent, www.deniscovent.com
How it works.
How it works.
Easy to integrate.
Easy to integrate.
Good looking, user friendly design.
Good looking, user friendly design.
Completely free to use.
Completely free to use.
You have written an article on your blog and you would like to encourage active conversation on specific sections of your web page.
With a simple change to your web page, you can indicate sections that you want to have people post comments on.
The sections you flagged for commenting in step 2 will show an icon to the visitors of your website. The badge next to the icon shows the number of comments.
Users of your website click on the icon to read comments and post comments for specific sections.
Our discussion widget is extremely easy to integrate to your web page. All you need to do is embed a short piece of javascript code to your web page and you are all set!
Yes, you heard it right!
This tool is absolutely FREE to use.
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